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Creating a CV (curriculum vitae) is a pain: Curricoolum aims to make CV generation easy, effortless and fun.

The team at Curricoolum was determined to build a revolutionary CV generator. When I got the job there already was a first UI draft, but the team was looking for a full reboot of the app's interface and brand.

The challenge with the UI was designing a captivating experience for something the majority of internet users hates: filling forms :)

  • 2012
  • Human Resources
  • Recruiting
  • Social Recruiting
  • Product logo
  • Web App UI

Logo Design & identity

Curricoolum Logo
Logo, final version
Curricoolum Logo concepts and iterations
Logo concepts & iterations

The Logo design process consisted of 5 stages, each comprised of 2/3 proposals.

The first explorations revolved around the idea of the document itself, the curriculum vitae as the app's output; then I tried to visualize the concept of "smart and efficient tool for job search" — hence the suitcase iconography.

Ultimately, this last idea was chosen as the right one, and was refined until it reached its current form with the addition of wings, to designate a fast and powerful CV creation experience.

Curricoolum rejected logos
Rejected logos

Colors & typography

  • #575a5d
  • #005abb
  • Font selection: Helvetica Neue

UI Design

Create CV: 1st iteration
Create CV, 1st iteration View full-size

The UI went through 10+ iterations, with the first version — a "dark theme" layout — being the exact opposite of the current one: a white, clean and uncluttered visual style, with a bright blue as accent color.

Create CV: 2nd iteration
Create CV, 2nd iteration View full-size
Create CV: 3rd iteration
Create CV, 3rd iteration View full-size
Create CV: 4th iteration
Create CV, 4th iteration View full-size

▲ I designed form validation, tooltips and autocomplete in a way that could guide the user discreetly, while at the same time being recognized as a distinctive touch of the UI.

Create CV: 5th iteration
Create CV, 5th iteration View full-size
Create CV: 6th iteration
Create CV, 6th iteration View full-size
Create CV: 7th iteration
Create CV, 7th iteration View full-size

Forms, checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, date pickers, sliders, tags, dropdowns, and every other input element were carefully crafted from scratch, without relying on any pre-built UI components.

UX Design was heavily informed by the reading of Luke Wroblensky's "Best practices for Form Design".

Create CV: 8th iteration
Create CV, 8th iteration View full-size
Create CV: 9th iteration and final
Create CV, 9th iteration & final View full-size
Create CV - modal window
Create CV, modal View full-size

▼ As usual I designed every glyph, in this case the ones used in the sidebar.

Web app icons
Web app icons

"The challenge with Curricoolum's UI was designing a captivating experience for something the majority of internet users hates: filling forms :)"