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Geekville was a coworking space for tech & creative pros, a way for innovators to share office space and ideas.

I invented and designed the product from scratch, switching from Logo design to UI design & front-end development, from Wordpress Customization to print design, from copywriting to digital marketing.

  • 2013
  • Coworking
  • Product logo
  • Website UI
  • Other visuals

Logo Design & identity

Geekville logo final version
Logo, final version
Geekville logo, color variations
Color variations

The logo's core visual feature is the pair of thick, nerdy glasses at the center of the composition, the typical indicator of geek-status.

The typography choice for the logotype is Lavanderia, a script font inspired by vintage window signs.

As for the form-factor, I didn't choose the typical badge or round label but a less frequent — yet still typically vintage — oval.

I tried to keep a certain continuity between Geekville's logo and the The Collective's. That's why Geekville evokes the same vintage feeling, but still being a simpler and less elaborated evolution of its precursor.

Geekville logo, early study
Logo, early study

Colors & typography

  • #73afb6
  • #556270
  • #dde0e2
  • #ee6046
  • Font selection: Raleway
  • Font selection: Open Sans

UI Design

Geekville - Main website V2
Website, v2 View full-size

▲ For Version 2 I completely rewrote the website, with 4 goals in mind: (1) implementing a responsive layout; (2) simplifying the overall experience; (3) refreshing the design while preserving the usual look and feel (4) reaching international users by offering an English version. You can check out the website here.

Geekville - Main website V2, Responsive
Website, v2 - responsive
Geekville - Main website
Website, v1 View full-size

▲ I've alway been a fan of one-page layouts: they're simple, elegant, and they present information in an easily digestible way.

Geekville - Blog
Blog, WP Customization View full-size
Geekville Learning website
Website, WP Customization View full-size

▲ Geekville Learning's website was based on Wordpress, with a customized theme.

Typonerd dedicated mini-site
Marketing mini-site View full-size
Typonerd dedicated mini-site
Marketing mini-site, responsive

▲ Typonerd was one of Geekville Learning's most successful courses, so we thought it could branch out into its own brand. Graphic Designer Stefano Torregrossa — who also taught the course — created the logo, while I designed & built a dedicated marketing website.

Geekville - Website icons
Website Icons

Other visuals

Geekville - Variuos marketing visuals
Marketing visuals View full-size

"I invented & designed the product from scratch, often stepping out of my comfort zone"